Principal’s Message

Message from Our Principal

“Education is not preparation for Life

But is Life Itself….”

          I begin to pen down with a sense of pride, as RDINS proved to be the best achiever since 2011.

          The school boasts of a vast campus and no doubt, a happy and flexible atmosphere. True to the fact The Destiny of India is shaped in every Classroom”, RDINS prepares the future citizens. We make sure that each and every individual, who enters the portals of RDINS, go back as citizens who have honed their skills in both curriculum and co-curricular activities.

The success behind our achievements, “We”, the management, faculty, students, parents and all well wishers, are an outstanding example of team work. We are a part of an educational heritage that challenges students to develop the gift of their intellect and to become more academically excellent. Our education, however, goes beyond academic excellence.

We teach the “May I help you? Attitude or “What can I do for you?” attitude in life. We do take a lot of care to inject and instill virtues. With these qualities, in them and the latest educational technology at hand, in computers or any branch of science they study, we are sure our children can excel anywhere in the world. We expect our Children to “Spread the Light of Humanity & Excellence”, which is our motto.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects at RDINS is its value orientation! Some of the emphasis here is not in the curriculum of any board or University. We teach the value of respect, value of money, value of elders, value of Character in life. RDINS is a dream school ! It is trying to translate a dream into a ideal reality. The dream is of a resurgent India, which can bring back the glory of ancient India equipped with modern technology. We are proud of the education we offer and are especially proud of our students.

I always go with the saying Do build castles in the air”, as I want my students to dream their goal and build foundations under them in order to reach success. We would like you to take advantage of everything the school has to offer to reach your dreams.

“Education is being humane beyond marks”

Let’s join hands to create better tomorrow….

Sarah Ibrahim

Prnicipal, RDINS