Highlights of the campus

Classroom: Spaciously designed to seat 30 students, and equipped with play areas for pre-school, projection systems, computer facilities.


Hostels: Separate boys and girls hostels with each hostel closely supervised by an experienced houseparent.


RD Infrastructure: The school seamlessly integrates offline and online learning, and provides access to information through a well-stocked learning resource centre (library). In addition to computer labs, computers are available in all library and staff rooms for teachers.


Sports: Sports help build a student’s character, self-confidence, team spirit and physical fitness. At RD International School, sporting facilities have been planned with exacting attention to details. All students have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of sports and recreational activities after school hours and at weekends. Participation in a range of sports, both individual and team-based irrespective of the level, is a vital part of each student’s education. Sports and games are therefore an important part of the curriculum at the school, taking advantage of the wonderful facilities on offer. More information under “sports page”


Dining: Staff and students dine in the central dining hall. The capacity is being increased in the next phase of development. The cuisine is varied, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are prepared in separate kitchens and served separately. Non- Vegetarian food will be provided twice a week.